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Thank you for joining us for our Online Open Campus 2021 in Japanese and English.

If you enjoyed the event or did not get a chance to participate live, please rewatch or watch our recordings by clicking on the videos below or here for the Japanese session and here for the English session.


Did you know that UWC ISAK Japan students can take no less than four Arts courses as part of their IB diploma? Visual Arts, Music, Film, and our newest program—Theatre—are a key part of campus life. Not only as our most colorful academic programs, many of our student-led clubs share a similar focus. Both academic and extracurricular programs regularly collaborate with Karuizawa's famous community of artists and world-class facilities.

Visual Arts
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From Core Activities to Active Sports to Student-Initiated Clubs, our Clubs and Activities program is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore areas of interest in while learning how to manage and lead diverse teams. The list of Clubs changes each year based on student interest and initiative so if there is a club you want to start when you get here then you are empowered to do it.

Clubs and Activities Intro
Students Talk About Clubs and Activities
Valen Testimonial
Juan Testimonial
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Education at UWC ISAK Japan is designed to develop the next generation of transformational leaders. Beginning with our signature leadership and design thinking programs in Grade 10 and extending through the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) in Grades 11 and 12, a UWC ISAK Japan education will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and mindset needed to be a changemaker.

Spend some time here to get an overview of our Academic Program, our students' perspective on Academics, and meet some of the amazing faculty that call UWC ISAK Japan home.

Campus Tour
Students Talk About Academics
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At UWC ISAK Japan, as much of your education takes place outside of the classroom as inside. Living at an international boarding school presents students with endless opportunities to grasp a wide variety of perspectives from people from around the world and from all types of backgrounds.

Learn more about residential life, including our advisory program, take a tour of our residences, and more!

Residential Life
What do our students do on the weekend?
Residence Tour
Artur (Estonia / Class of 2021)
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At UWC ISAK Japan, you will learn to identify what is important and needed. Leadership Projects (CAS) are an ideal opportunity for you to practice your leadership and teamwork skills by pursuing creative solutions to important and challenging problems.

Take a moment to watch learn more about our leadership program and some of the life-changing experiences you will have during Project Week.

Leadership Learnings
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The mission of the Outdoor Education program at UWC ISAK Japan is to develop students’ ability to embrace discomfort in the pursuit of personal growth through a localized education that fosters responsibility and respect for each other and the environment. Outdoor Education enables students to not only experience the natural beauty which surrounds UWC ISAK, but also develop new leadership and teamwork skills, and reflect on themselves in the process.

Outdoor Education
Cycling Tour
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You may know us as only as UWC ISAK Japan, but did you know that wasn't our name when we first started our high school program in 2014? And did you know that we have 100 official founders, who all believed enough in our vision for education to help found our school. Find out more by watching this short video about our history.

While you are here, take some time to listen to Eduardo about how his three years here prepared him for life after at UWC ISAK Japan.

Our History
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