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Made from Scratch. Made from Love.

ISAK is excited to be partnering with Cezars Kitchen for food service at the ISAK campus. Cezars Kitchen, whose motto is ʺMade from Scratch, Made from Love,ʺ is a leader in the food service business in Japan, especially in serving the international community. (

A Cezars chef will be working fulltime at ISAK, preparing meals from scratch using local and seasonal ingredients as much as possible, with the aim of creating restaurant-caliber food that is also healthy and nutritious.

Cezar's Kitchen Food Service Japan
Phil, who will be heading the ISAK kitchen, is a self-described foodie who has a passion for cooking, eating and researching food. He is already getting ISAK’s kitchen prepped for this year’s Summer School, when he will be creating food with love for ISAK students and staff.

Cezar's Kitchen Food Service Japan ISAK

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