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Adventuring into the Spring!

Written by Angeles (Class of 2018, Venezuela)

The warmer weather has undeniably been a blessing for our intrepid explorers in the Outdoor Education program! We had a plethora of exciting trips the past month, from bouldering to hikes, that allowed

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Merch Club Entrepreneurs!

If you walk around campus, you are sure to come across someone proudly wearing a UWC ISAK Japan hoodie. These hoodies were designed and sold by our very own Merch Club, which was just started this year by some very

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Chinese Class Cooking Party!

Written by Emily (Class of 2018, Japan/USA)

Some of the Grade 12 Chinese class students alongside Ms. Chien enjoyed cooking a variety of 中国菜 (Chinese dishes) last Wednesday! Our menu included 饺子 (dumplings),宫保鸡丁 (Kung Pao chicken), 西红柿炒鸡蛋 (fried eggs with tomato), 红烧肉

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G10s Embark on Personal Exploration Journeys

Written by Izumi Tsurumi Ms. Tsurumi coordinates the Leadership program at UWC ISAK Japan.

“A creative life is any life when you consistently, habitually, routinely and constantly choose the path of curiosity over the path of fear” – Elizabeth Gilbert

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