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Salary will be determined based on experience. Estimated range: 4 - 4.8 million JPY (before taxes/withholding). Benefits include enrollment in the Shigaku Kyosai (private school) health insurance and pension scheme. Generous school holiday/paid time off package.

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People form the heart and soul of our school, and UWC ISAK Japan is looking for an experienced and energetic Manager of Human Resources who is excited to work in a forward-looking environment and take the lead to keep safe and healthy the School’s HR Operation in Karuizawa.

Working under the direction of the Head of Operation and supervised by the Head of HR, the Manager of HR will be responsible for the administration and management of all areas of human resources for the School. The position requires a highly organized and detail-oriented individual with excellent interpersonal skills and a high degree of confidentiality and discretion.

The ideal candidate will have the right attitude, a sense of energy and the confidence and capability to take care of the details of HR day-to-day work and support implementing HR initiatives and improving HR operations to bring out the best in all employees.


Key Relationships: The HR Manager will work closely with the HR Team and Accounting Team. Work with the entire community such as Staff and Faculty based on the day-to-day topic.
Reports to and supervised by: Head of HR
Estimated Start Date: March 2023
  One-year contract open to renewal.
Schedule/Hours: This is a full-time, year-round position at the UWC ISAK Japan campus in Karuizawa, Japan. Evening and weekend work should be expected, especially during peak season.
Salary and Benefits: Salary will be determined based on experience. Estimated range: 4 - 4.8 million JPY (before taxes/withholding). Benefits include enrollment in the Shigaku Kyosai (private school) health insurance and pension scheme. Generous school holiday/paid time off package. 


Employee Operations

  •  Working with the Accounting team, ensure that accurate payroll (including year-end adjustment) information is provided to the outsourced provider in a timely manner.
  • Run Onboarding and Offboarding processes smoothly and pass information to the outsourced provider and Labor Law Office in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that all HR operations(payroll, insurance claims, government-mandated reports, etc.) are completed in line with government regulations and school policy.
  • Contact ShigakuKyosai (health Insurance) and Labor Law Office when it’s required
  • Have Safety and Health Committee (衛生委員会) monthly basis
  • Issue HR-related documents based on the request
  • Report to Labor Law Office based on the Labor Law updates
  • Review and update all HR policies and procedures on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that the School’s HR policies are clearly communicated to all employees.

Employee Recruitment

  •  Review and standardize job postings, contracts and other documents.
  • Ensure that contracts, contract amendment letters, agreements and other key documents are accurate and comprehensive.
  • Find the off-campus faculty’s housing and set up utilities etc. (working closely with the Facilities team)

Employee Relations

  • Develop and support employee performance review and feedback systems.


  •  Provide the data of HR related
  • Apply Subsidy (学校法人補助金) to Nagano Prefecture Yearly basis
  • Develop and support employee performance review and feedback systems.
  • Prepare working visas for employees from foreign countries (working closely with IT team)
  • And other related issues


  • Undergraduate degree
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in Human Resources management.. Experience working in a school environment is preferred
  • Familiarity with Japanese labor laws and procedures preferred
  • Detail oriented and persistence
  • Working knowledge of human resource principles, Japanese procedures and practices.
  • Business-level English is a must. Bilingual abilities preferred (Japanese and English)
  • Technological proficiency (ability to use spreadsheets, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Strong written, verbal and organizational skills, with an emphasis on confidentiality, tact and diplomacy
  • Due to the location of our school, a Japanese or international driver’s license is a must

Personality/Successful Traits

  • Commitment to being a team player and a contributing member of UWC ISAK Japan
  • Positive attitude and enthusiastic about creating and contributing to a young school
  • Ability to develop initiatives that take into account both the School’s long-term objectives and immediate needs
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment with people from around the world
  • Ability to work well with people at all levels of the organization
  • Interest in taking on new challenges and exploring new possibilities, rather than simply continue with what is already being done
  • Ability to effectively deal with multiple priorities, functions and activities
  • Flexibility: Ability to adjust projects and priorities as needed
  • Ability to identify needs and take action to address them
  • Well-developed business ethics and the ability to maintain a high level of discretion
  • Self aware and motivated; engaged in continuous reflection and improvement
  • Enthusiastic to attend school events and contribute to the community outside the HR role

This job description should be seen as enabling rather than restrictive and will be subject to regular review.


All employees must adhere to and ensure compliance with the School’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy at all times. If, in the course of carrying out their duties, a teacher becomes aware of any actual or potential risks to the safety or welfare of children in the School, they must report those concerns to the DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead) or DDSL (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) immediately.


Please submit the following documents to [email protected]. Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.

  • Cover Letter
  • CV
  • Note: Successful candidates will need to complete a criminal background check (arranged and paid for by the school) before the final employment contract is issued. 



UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

Our Distinct Identity

At UWC ISAK Japan, we empower each other to be transformational leaders who explore new frontiers and make a positive impact today and in the future.

We believe not only in the power of education, but also in the power of young people to become catalysts for positive change. We aim to create an environment where students learn to understand and appreciate different perspectives, challenge themselves academically and emotionally, and develop their innate potential as change-makers who can identify what is most important and needed, take action in the face of discomfort, use diversity as a strength, and support others in this practice.

Our motto

Our school motto reflects our hopes for and dedication to all UWC ISAK Japan students as they journey through one of the most important and exciting times of their lives.

One Life. Realize Your Potential. Be a Catalyst for Positive Change.

Leadership Education at UWC ISAK Japan

Part of our distinct identity as a UWC is our focus on leadership, specifically leading ourselves and leading with others.

We believe in transformational leadership.
Who is a transformational leader?
A transformational leader is someone who consistently identifies what is most important and what is needed, takes action in the face of discomfort, uses diversity as a strength, and supports others in this practice. With continuous practice, a transformational leader creates positive change within self and the community at large.

A transformational leader consistently applies these foundational skills of leadership:

  • Awareness: Deeply observes oneself and the environment, and understands what is important for self and the greater good.
  • Connection: Empathizes with members of a community, understands their diverse potentials and values, and supports them towards a common goal.
  • Action Taking: Steps out of one's comfort zone to courageously bring ideas to life.
  • Self-Discipline: Responds positively to challenges with measured reflection, growth mindset, resilience and optimism.
  • Creativity: Generates innovative ideas and questions and builds upon those of others

Leadership is a practice.
Leadership is not a position or status that a selective group of people earn, whether by the virtue of their economic or social position in society or their innate demeanor or personality. At UWC ISAK Japan, we believe that leadership is a practice. This practice is integrated into our curriculum​, and we believe that with practice, individuals can grow and integrate the essential skills of leadership.

About UWC

Founded in 1962, UWC (United World Colleges) is a global education movement that makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. UWC is comprised of schools and colleges in 18 countries, with national committees and selection contacts in more than 155 countries. UWC fosters a lifelong commitment to social responsibility, and to date has inspired a network of 60,000 alumni who believe it is possible to work for positive change. 

The majority of students attending UWCs are selected by UWC national committees. In support of the belief that education should be independent of a student’s ability to pay, 70% of national committee selected IB Diploma students receive full scholarships. The UWC movement places a high value on experiential learning, outdoor education, service and other cultural understanding, alongside the academically challenging International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

About UWC ISAK Japan

UWC ISAK Japan is Japan’s only full-boarding international high school and the newest member of the United World Colleges movement. Following the Japanese school system, UWC ISAK is a three-year high school, with all students in grades 11 and 12 following the IB Diploma Programme curriculum. The school is accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT) and all graduates receive a Japanese high school diploma. Currently approximately 200 students from nearly 80 countries attend UWC ISAK Japan, with 70% of students receiving full or partial need-based scholarship support. 30% of enrolled students are Japanese, with the remaining 70% coming from homes outside of Japan.


Karuizawa is located in Nagano Prefecture, home to the 1998 Winter Olympics and fondly referred to as the “Roof of Japan.” Karuizawa has been attracting an international mix of visitors since the late nineteenth century. The mountainous climate keeps Kaurizawa cool and comfortable during Japan’s summer months, making it a popular escape from Tokyo’s heat and humidity. Karuizawa experiences four seasons with regular snow in the winter which generally lasts from early December through February. Monthly temperatures average between 21 and -5 throughout the year.

While the full-time population of Karuizawa is around 20,000, the population of the town increases dramatically during the summer tourist season. From Tokyo, it takes approximately 70 minutes to reach
Karuizawa station on the Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train).
Karuizawa is a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts and offers year-round recreation including hiking, cycling, tennis, golf and skiing. In addition, a vibrant arts & crafts scene includes art galleries and museums, a performing arts center, a symphony hall, and a community symphony. There are also many good restaurants with wide ranging cuisines, a large upscale outlet mall with designer shops, a variety of onsen hot springs and a local volcano, Mt. Asama.

UWC ISAK Japan is located on the outskirts of Karuizawa, in a quiet residential community and the school is not within easy walking distance to a train station or a large supermarket. Schooling options for faculty children are limited to the local public schools where all instruction and communication is in Japanese. We are not able to guarantee admission to UWC ISAK for faculty children in grades 10-12 or to guarantee scholarships if faculty children are admitted.

For more information about the town of Karuizawa, please go to the following website:

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