Innovative Education Speakers Conference:
Transformational Tales for Japan and Beyond

April 14, 2019
Karuizawa, Japan

About the Conference

Due to the exponential growth of technology and globalization, the world is drastically becoming an “information society” where education will determine our success to cope with the radical changes of the 21st century. In order for us to not fall behind, we need to change our paradigms on the role of technology in the classroom, and in how we approach teaching and learning.

As UWC ISAK JAPAN is at the forefront of innovative education in Japan and beyond, we strive towards the continuous expansion of our horizons and reach. The uniqueness of this conference lies in the diversity of our speakers that will address the topic of innovation in education. The conference introduces policy-makers, Japanese and international students, some of the most experienced teachers in the field of innovative education and entrepreneurs striving to change Japan’s education system.

Our conference aims to empower students and teachers from all over Japan to enhance the dialogue of leadership practice and innovative education in the “information society”.

Eduardo Bautista and Bertine Lakjohn
Chairpersons, UWC ISAK Japan TedEd Club


No cost!

Lunch available to purchase from UWC ISAK Japan cafeteria.
You are also welcome to bring your own lunch.

Event Overview

  • Date: April 14th, 2019
  • Time: 9:30 - 4:30 (all day event)
  • Place: UWC ISAK Japan
    5827-136 Nagakura, Karuizawa, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 389-0111
  • Tickets: Free
  • Meals: Available for purchase at the event. (700-800 Yen for lunch)
  • Parking available on site

*This event will be a bilingual event, in both English and Japanese. Translation options will be available.

Target Audience

  • Junior / High School Students
  • Teachers
  • School board representatives
  • Parents
  • University / research institution
  • Local government
  • Policymakers

** As this is a conference, students should be no younger than 13 years old. 

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Speakers – 2019


Opening speech:
Lin Kobayashi

Founder and Chair of the board at


Mr. Masa Yanagisawa



Founder at DAncing Einstein Co., Ltd.

Mr. Aoto will provide us with an introduction to two pioneering approaches to learning: Dopamine Drive Learning and Uncertainty Driven Learning.



CEO at tyotto Inc.

Mr. Arai will provide us insight into his company tyotto Inc. which strives to eliminate the gap of educational opportunities by region and income.


Mitsumasa Kiyohara

“Mitsu” is a UWC ISAK JAPAN alumni who after graduation embarked himself in the adventure of creating his own tech startup. He will explain to us how Design Thinking was crucial for the development of his innovative venture.







Mr. McGibbon aims to present a futuristic view of education and the classroom. He will provide speculations on the need for education to change as AI challenges the very premise of knowledge acquisition as primary. In the vision, he will embrace



Modernity has arrived, and it is not leaving. Technology is having a more and more important role in the way the world is constructed, and if we don't learn to shape it, it will shape us. It is time to look at the future and understand how technology will change the way we



Growing up on an island on the West Coast of Canada, Lucy went from an elementary school with three other girls her age to a robotics program of 20 boys. Through the lens of engineering, this unique program taught her how to find passion in learning. 



Sogo is a Japanese student who loves rugby and meeting people from diverse walks of life. Before UWC ISAK Japan, he studied in a Japanese high school in Kamaishi. He will provide us insight into the contrasts that he finds between the Japanese system and the international approach at UWC ISAK Japan.